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Revolutionize the medicine aisle

Our Mission

Revolutionize the medicine aisle

The story of Genexa, the research behind our formula, and what goes into our medicines anyway.

Our Founders

Two Dads on a Mission

As dads, we think people should feel good about what makes their families better. But when we looked around the medicine aisle, we found that the medicine we trusted to take care of our kids was full of additives, unnecessary chemicals and allergens. So we got to work. We built a team of highly experienced chemists, pharmacists, formulators, medical professionals and business leaders to create medicine with the same active ingredient people need, but without the artificial ones they don't.

Two Dads on a Mission Two Dads on a Mission

David Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Max Spielberg


Real medicine made clean

After many years of research and development with our Chief Medical Officer and pharmaceutical experts, we finally did it - formulating medicines that would set a new standard.

Extensive R&D

Years of commitment went into finding the right ingredients

Proprietary technology

We developed advanced technology to remove unhealthy synthetics and toxins

Thorough testing

We went beyond FDA requirements and do extensive safety and stability testing on all our medicines

Real medicine made clean - the first ever organic & non-GMO medicines
We work closely with the most sustainable suppliers, to ensure we do right by people and the planet.

Sourcing Only the Best Ingredients

Sourcing Only the Best Ingredients

We work closely with the most sustainable suppliers, to ensure we do right by people and the planet.

Why Organic Medicine

Medicine you can trust

From sourcing ingredients and extensive research to compliance with the FDA and regulatory guidelines, we are devoted to making real, healthy medicine.

Committed to USDA Organic Ingredients
Committed to USDA Organic Ingredients

We're dedicated to being a certified USDA Organic company, which means all of our medicines are made of certified organic ingredients and are rigorously tested through a highly audited process that examines the entire supply chain. This ensures we are free of toxins and unhealthy ingredients including pesticides and artificial fillers so we can commit to truly making medicine healthy.

A Proud Non-GMO Verified Company
A Proud Non-GMO Verified Company

Most medicines are full of potentially harmful genetically modified ingredients like lactose, corn syrup, and flavorings derived from high-risk ingredients. At Genexa, we pride ourselves on sourcing only non-GMO ingredients. Each ingredient is transported separately and audited along the way to make sure integrity is maintained throughout the process.

And a company you can believe in

From sourcing and environmental responsibility to customer relations, we strive to make the world a better place.

A B-Corp Business for the Greater Good
A B-Corp Business for the Greater Good

As a certified B-Corporation, we do our part to use business as a force for good. To achieve this exclusive title, we demonstrated our commitment to our company values and treating employees and vendors with the utmost care. In being a B-Corp, we meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency to be a better business for the world.

Devoted to Sustainable Sourcing
Devoted to Sustainable Sourcing

As a Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified company, we practice sustainable forest management including protecting water, biodiversity, wiildlife habitat, and species at risk. Through rigorous auditing, our team makes sure each package was produced in accordance with SFI regulations, used recyclable materials, and was sourced from manufacturers who practice sustainable forestry.

Committed to Renewable Packaging
Committed to Renewable Packaging

All Genexa cartons are 100% USDA Certified Biobased Products, a unique label given to the products that come from a renewable source. Utilizing renewable, biobased materials contributes to an ever-expanding marketplace that adds value to renewable agriculture commodities, creates jobs in rural communities, and decreases our reliance on petroleum.

A Green America Business
A Green America Business

We are on a mission to harness economic power - the strength of people and companies - to create a more socially and environmentally just world. At Genexa, we use our business as a platform for positive social and environmental change. In becoming Green America certified, we proved our company is values-driven and acts according to principles that improve the quality of life for our customerss, employees, communities and the planet.

A Better Business Bureau Company
A Better Business Bureau Company

We are dedicated to treating consumers in a fair manner through BBB’s Code of Conduct, which includes maintaining legal and regulatory compliance, honest advertising, safeguarding data, and acting with integrity. After a company-wide audit that inspects our history and products, we demonstrated our mission to being a company people can trust.

2017 Startup of the Year
2017 Startup of the Year

Genexa was named 2017 Gold Startup of the Year by the Best in Biz Awards. Each year, Best in Biz Awards entrants span the spectrum from some of the most recognizable global brands and blue-chip companies that form the bedrock of the world economy to mom-and-pop shops, Shark Tank participants and some of the most innovative start-ups.

Our Pledge

  1. People always come first

    We pride ourselves on incredible service and support to our customers and community.

  2. We never settle

    (but our products might, so give them a shake). We hold ourselves to the highest standards, committing to medicine that's GMO free and operations that are as sustainable as possible.

  3. We invite people along

    (people like you!). Clean medicine is a movement everyone can participate in. We pledge to openness, transparancy, and inclusivity.

Genexa Earth

Spread the Health™

We're passionate about making the world a healthy place. With every purchase, we donate a portion of our profits to charitable organizations focused on healping children in need of essential health services and clean water.

Learn more about Spread the Health™

We believe in real medicine made clean

We believe in real medicine made clean

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The first clean medicine company

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