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No artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives

Made in the USA

What you already use.  
Just cleaner.

What if you discovered medicine with the same active ingredients you’ve always trusted, but without the unnecessary chemicals your body doesn’t need?

Now you have.

Welcome to the future of over-the-counter medicine.

question What is an active ingredient?

An active ingredient is the component of a medicine that makes it effective in treating, curing, or preventing an ailment.

An inactive ingredient is any component other than an active ingredient. It has no influence on a medicine’s effectiveness. These unnecessary preservatives, toxins, flavors, dyes, & GMOs often make up to 90% of a pill.


We create clean, healthy versions of what already works. Only the most effective, highest quality active ingredients. Clean powerful medicine, without fillers. Nothing extra that can get in the way of your relief.

We use the same active ingredients your body has always responded to… just without the unnecessary (and sometimes potentially harmful) inactive ingredients that often make up 90% of a pill.

Our medicine is held to the highest safety standards. Every formula is recommended by our Medical Advisory Board -- an elite team of nationally-regarded physicians who share our mission of better medicine.

Did you know your everyday pain medicines can contain lactose and gluten? Many even use GMOs and synthetic coloring. You could be soothing one part of your body and irritating another. Genexa products contain no common allergens.

Yes, Sleepology helps. But we sleep better knowing we’re trying to be better. And do better. Creating healthy versions of what you know already use. Because now we know better.

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Spread the Health™

Spread the Health™

We believe in making an impact on issues much bigger than ourselves. Helping communities around the world become healthier. This is why a portion of the profits from every Genexa purchase goes directly to organizations improving wellness in their communities.

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