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Why Delivering a Convenient Patient Experience is Important

Genexa Genexa 2019-11-13 17:34:00 -0500

Why Delivering a Convenient Patient Experience is Important - Genexa

The health care industry continues to become increasingly competitive because families now can be more engaged in selecting their health care experiences. Who knew smartphones would have such an impact on visits to the local doctor’s office? Patients know that there are plenty of doctors around. All they have to do is type in a search into Google, and they will immediately have a list of doctors in their area at their fingertips.

So how are patients choosing their health care providers nowadays? It all comes down to the patient experience. They look through the reviews online and can quickly determine whether or not the doctor is a good option for them. One of the most important factors many look for is convenience.  Here are some of the reasons why delivering a convenient patient experience is important.

Families Choose A Doctor by Recommendation

If someone is new to an area, they might ask a friend or neighbor who they can recommend as a doctor. Wouldn’t you like to be the doctor that people continuously recommend? Who wouldn’t want to know that the word around town is your office is the best? So how do you end up being the top recommendation? It’s not price or the proximity of your office, it’s all about the patient experience that you deliver. Families need to know that every time they make a visit to your office, not only will it be helpful, it will be quick and to the point. Sure, it’s important that you are friendly and welcoming to patients, but they also want to know that when they come to see you, they can come in, get what they need for them to feel better and be out of the office as quickly as possible. No one likes waiting around for forever to be seen!

Online Reviews Are the Future

When you are traveling out of town and you are looking for a good restaurant to enjoy, what is the first thing you do? The average person today hops on to Google and searches “best restaurants near me.” When families need a doctor and don’t have anyone to turn to for a recommendation, they look to Google as well. Your patients will do one of two things: if they have a great, convenient, patient experience they will leave a review about it. Or, if they have a poor patient experience, they will share that too. You should always treat each and every patient with exceptional care, but it’s especially important now because anyone can anonymously share their patient experience that they have had in your office. Providing the best possible care that you can will ensure that every patient is satisfied with your service.

It Continues the Success of Your Business

Your practice will not make money if you do not get any patients. The best way to ensure that your practice continues to thrive is to provide your patients with the best patient experience so they will continue to return. A large part of this is convenience! Your outstanding patient care will result in loyalty.

Healthier Patients

Every doctor wants to see their patients happy and healthy. After all, that’s why patients come to us right? When you provide your patients with exceptional care, you will notice they will begin to trust you more and more. They will be open when it comes to communication, giving you a better chance of properly diagnosing them. Your patients trust is also important because they will be more consistent with taking their medicine because they know if you recommend something- it’s got to be good!

Your Practice Will Become Well Respected

The business aspect is important to doctors, but you should want to hold a valuable reputation in your community. When you provide your patients with great care, the word will spread, and you will gain the respect that your office deserves! Don’t you want to be known in the community for providing quick care that is convenient for your patients?

Genexa: Helping You Deliver A Convenient Patient Experience

Doctors have faced big competition with the rising “doc in the box” trend. This is a slang term for urgent care offices and pop-up doctor’s offices such as those found in chain pharmacies. These offices can be good for those that want to be in and out of the doctors office without an appointment. If patients feel a sore throat coming on, they just pop into one of these urgent care offices. They are swabbed, diagnosed and sent to the pharmacy all in one day. Great, right? While it is convenient, patients really should be seeing their primary care physician whenever they are sick. More than that, they want that personalized care!

Genexa is a better alternative to the “doc in the box” trend. We understand that your patients come to you because you are a doctor that they trust and that they know. Not only do you need their business, but they need you too. That’s why its so important to give your patients a better alternative to something that is so convenient for them.

Once you start carrying Genexa, your office can become your patients one-stop shop. They need sinus medicine? They can get it at your office. Sleep medicine? They can also get that with you. Coming in for an appointment only to find out they have to make an extra trip to the pharmacy takes time out of their day and can be annoying. But if you are able to provide them with what they need on the spot, they’ll save the trip and appreciate the convenience.

At Genexa, we want to help you become the best doctor you can be and be the trusted, most recommended doctor in town. That’s why we want to give you the option of carrying Genexa products in your practice.

Interested in learning more? Talk to our team about becoming a retailer. Your patients will love a new, healthier medicine that is quick and convenient.

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