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5 Benefits of Recommending OTC Flu Meds to Your Patients

Genexa Genexa 2019-12-05 14:04:00 -0500
5 Benefits of Recommending OTC Flu Meds to Your Patients - Genexa

It’s that time of year again: cold and flu season. The flu is awful for everyone, regardless of age. The symptoms come on quickly and heavily. A high fever brought on with the chills, a headache and achy muscles, a cough or sore throat and the fatigue is no fun for anyone. In fact, the flu is downright miserable and can affect your patients’ daily lifestyles. Unfortunately, more and more people are getting the flu each year. In fact, 5 to 20 percent of the US population gets the flu annually. If left untreated,  it can result in hospitalizations or even death.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to the flu. We tell our patients to stay home, get plenty of rest, drink tons of fluids and most importantly, to take some over the counter medications to ease symptoms. Your patients might be hesitant to try OTC medications because many times they are under the impression that they do not work as well as prescription medicine, but we strongly suggest you recommend OTC flu meds to your patients. Here’s why.

They are convenient

Having the flu is so miserable that patients will do just about anything to get rid of the symptoms. As mentioned, there is not a whole lot you can do for the flu, but you can take OTC medications. The best part about over the counter meds is that they are convenient for everyone. When flu symptoms come on, the last thing you want to do is wait hours or even days for your medicine to be ready. With OTC medications, all you have to do is walk into your local pharmacy or doctor’s office (if they choose to carry OTC medicines), and you can be home, snuggled up in bed and on your way to recovery in the blink of an eye.

They ease more than one symptom

Sometimes when patients are sick, we prescribe them one medication for one symptom and another prescription for the other symptoms. With OTC flu medicines, all the symptoms can be addressed at once. Genexa, for instance, offers Flu Fix OTC medication that treats body aches and headaches, sore throats and coughs, nasal congestion, fever, chills and fatigue all at once.

Genexa’s Flu Fix medication is the world’s first certified organic and non-GMA homeopathic flu medicine. This means that your patients don’t have to worry about any other side effects. Nothing is worse than having the flu and then having additional side effects such as stomach pains from taking a medication that’s supposed to help. With Genexa, you can rest assured knowing that your symptoms will be put at ease, and you won’t have any uncomfortable side effects.

They are affordable

For the average person, healthcare can be very expensive. Even with insurance, a trip to the doctor’s office plus the prescriptions can cost patients quite a few bucks. OTC medications can be bought without insurance for a lot less. Genexa’s Flu Fix is below $20. With this OTC medication, your patients can be on their way to feeling better at very little cost.

They are Easily accessible

Sometimes, there is no getting around going to the doctor. There are some illnesses that do require a prescription drug to heal symptoms. With the flu, or a common cold, it’s a bit different. When you recommend your patients to take OTC medications, you’re saving them a trip back to your office. Explaining to your patient that the next time they feel symptoms coming on and taking these OTC medications before scheduling an appointment can save them time and money. In some cases, there is not much doctors can do for patients with a cold. When your patients have a good OTC medication, they don’t need to schedule an appointment at the doctor’s office or make extra trips to the local pharmacy. Your patients will be grateful for the time saved and the ability to quickly act in treating symptoms in the future.

They can help make you a better doctor

Working in the medical field is so rewarding because at the end of the day, doctors are improving their patients’ health and helping them feel better. Sometimes medical conditions are out of our control, and there is nothing we can do to help. Most of the time however, we are able to put our two cents in and help ease our patients’ symptoms. By recommending a good OTC medication to your patients, you help ease their symptoms and promote their health. So many doctors recommend the big brand name OTC medications because it’s all they know. We want you to be the best doctor you can be for your patients, which is why we suggest you recommend Genexa.

Genexa: A healthier alternative to traditional OTC medicine

Research has shown that nearly 18 million Americans suffer from a gluten allergy. What most Americans don’t know is that the OTC medications they have been taking for years does in fact contain gluten. This is why a lot of the times patients experience uncomfortable side effects such as bloating, nausea or abdominal pain.  Many other OTC medications contain harmful fillers because the active ingredient is tricky to administer the proper dosage in such small measurements, so ingredients are added to bulk the dose up. In addition to gluten, some harmful ingredients include lactose and talc.

At Genexa, we knew we could find healthier, more wholesome ingredients for OTC medications. Rather than using those harmful fillers, we replaced them with organic ingredients such as tapioca, rice bran and maltodextrin. When your patients use Genexa, they are ingesting healthy, organic ingredients.

This flu season get on board with Genexa and start recommending healthier, wholesome medications to your patients. There’s a lot of patients out there looking for healthier medicine for themselves and their families, but it can be difficult to find. Next time your patient comes in with cold or flu symptoms, recommend our Flu Fix. They will appreciate that you went the extra mile to recommend a high quality medicine that is good for them, rather than big brand options that we are so used to, but might not be the best.

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