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Constant Runny Nose, Clear Liquid: Causes And Treatment

If you are dealing with a constant runny nose, specifically with clear liquid, the culprit could be one of a variety of causes. That constant nose drip is irritating and uncomfortable, and pinpointing the cause can help you get on the right path to clearing it up as best you can. As an integrative physician, advisor and partner of Genexa, the first and only clean medicine company, I think it’s important to help educate patients on ways to assess and manage common ailments.

Causes of a Runny Nose: Finding the Culprit

Let’s get this straight: if your runny nose, or your child’s runny nose, has been making you sniffle for weeks on end or even months, you can absolutely rule out the common cold.

That said, this, unfortunately, doesn’t do much when it comes to narrowing down the list of possible causes… so, let’s dive into all the potential reasons why that runny nose just won’t go away.

  • Allergies: If your runny nose tends to come around during certain seasons or in response to allergens like pollen, seasonal allergies are probably the cause of your troubles! Going off of this, if your little one is dealing with a runny nose, it might be worth it to consult your pediatrician in order to determine if allergies might be the cause.
  • Nasal obstruction: This one is particularly important to keep in mind if your little one is dealing with the sniffles. Plenty of things can obstruct your kid’s nasal passages, like beads, blueberries, mini action figures, and other small objects that your kiddo may have tried to shove up their nostril. That said, things like nasal polyps, cysts, a deviated septum, or enlarged turbinates can all cause an obstruction, too.
  • Non-allergic rhinitis: Even if you are not dealing with seasonal allergies, your nose may still react negatively to other known irritants like smoke, fragrances, or certain household chemicals. These things can cause inflammation and congestion, and even the weather can cause this to happen when the temperature or barometric pressure changes.
  • Chronic sinus infections: Although sinus infections are usually easily recognizable thanks to throbbing headaches and major nasal discharge, a sinus infection may sometimes only entail very minor symptoms… or even no symptoms at all. If your kid has a chronic sinus infection, it is possible that their only symptom will be ongoing nasal drainage.

Other causes of a constant runny nose include dry air, cold weather, the flu, and even the overuse of certain nasal sprays.

When a Runny Nose Becomes Chronic

If your kid’s runny nose is persisting for more than 10 days, this may be considered chronic. If the runny nose is not accompanied by concerning symptoms like a high fever, the cause probably is not anything to worry about, but it never hurts to talk to your pediatrician anyway.

Your pediatrician may tell you to see an allergist if they suspect that allergies of some sort might be the cause, and the allergist will be able to determine which irritants are causing your child’s problem. You might also get steered in the direction of a nose, throat, and ear specialist who will inspect your child’s nose in order to make sure nothing is anatomically wrong.

Though, in many cases, a chronic runny nose is nothing too serious, it can definitely impact your child’s quality of life if it goes untreated. Think about the discomfort you experience from the week-long runny nose associated with a cold… and now think about how you would feel if that symptom lasted for weeks on end!

A chronic runny nose or obstructed nasal passageway can also disrupt your child’s sleep and sleep quality because of the way it impacts their breathing. Thus, if you are noticing that your child’s runny nose will not go away, it is time for a trip to the pediatrician so that you can find the culprit and learn which treatment path may be best.

Treatment for a Constant Runny Nose

The way that your child’s runny nose is treated may depend largely on what is causing it. If it is caused by the weather, it will likely pass when the conditions return to normal. If it is caused by seasonal allergies, the symptom can be treated with antihistamines and over-the-counter allergy medicines.

If a chronic sinus infection is the culprit, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to fight if off. When your child takes their antibiotics for a few days, you should notice some improvement in their symptoms.

Even though a common cold usually only lasts for about a week, it is still possible that this is causing your child’s runny nose to hang around. In this case, over-the-counter cold medicines may make a difference.

Genexa’s Kids’ Cold Crush addresses symptoms like congestion, a runny nose, sore throat, and mucus, making it a great choice for that runny nose that just won’t quit. It is a non-drowsy formula perfect for kids between the ages of 3 and 11, and includes Genexa’s signature organic homeopathic blend for a clean alternative to most commercially available products. Genexa also makes a Cold Crush formula for adults.

Genexa is the first clean medicine brand, meaning their medicines contain the active ingredients you need without the artificial inactive ingredients you don’t need. Instead, all of the inactive ingredients in Genexa’s products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and certified vegan, and they work to improve the taste, texture, and stability of the product.

Genexa was founded by two dads who know what it is like to want the best for your kids, and this is why they are committed to revolutionizing the medicine aisle by offering real, clean medicine..

When your runny nose is the result of a polyp, cyst, or other growth, surgery may be necessary to clear your nasal passages. Surgery can repair any structural problems and remove any of these growths that are causing your problem.

A chronic runny nose can be extremely annoying, but the cause is almost always highly treatable and benign, meaning your child will be okay! Consulting your pediatrician can get you on the right path in no time, and we hope you or your child feel better soon.

The Bottom Line

Let’s face it -- a constant runny nose is insanely annoying and uncomfortable, and if it goes untreated it can surely impact your little one’s quality of life.

There are plenty of things that may be causing a chronic runny nose, including dry air, cold weather, allergies, non-allergic rhinitis, a chronic sinus infection, or structural problems like a cyst or deviated septum. Fortunately, all of these things can be treated, and the method of treatment will vary depending on what exactly is causing the problem in your specific situation.

Allergy medicine can be used to treat symptoms related to allergies, while OTC cold medicine can be used if it is a persistent cold causing your runny nose. A chronic sinus infection can be treated with prescription antibiotics. It can be nearly impossible to identify the cause unless you consult your doctor, which is why it is important to do so promptly so that your discomfort can be brought to an end!

In some cases, surgery will be needed because of a structural problem in your nose. Regardless, these kinds of issues are still usually benign and highly treatable.

So, there you have it. Your child’s chronic runny nose can be taken care of in no time… all it takes is a trip to the pediatrician and maybe a meeting with a specialist in order to determine the culprit. Good luck!


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