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At Genexa, we make supporting health practitioners a priority.

We know that practitioners play a critical role in the life of every patient. That’s why we are proud to make the first and only certified organic and non-GMO line of over-the-counter medicines, free of potentially harmful inactive ingredients. Our cleaner medicines are manufactured according to the highest quality standards in the over-the-counter medicine industry. Genexa’s medicines were designed by practitioners, for practitioners. Like you, Genexa is dedicated to your patients’ health.


We created the first organic and non-GMO medicines, free of toxic inactive ingredients.

We believe in cleaner medicine, free of those questionable inactive ingredients typically used in OTC medicines as binders and fillers. Unlike our competitors, our medicines contain no artificial dyes and sweeteners, common allergens like gluten and lactose, parabens, talc, or other objectionable ingredients. Genexa is the first and only company to have created a line of clean medicines - made with USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients.


We maintain the highest quality standards for all our medicines.

All Genexa medicines are produced according to a well-established framework of guidelines, regulations, and quality standards, enforced by the FDA through routine pharmaceutical manufacturing site inspections and surveillance of marketed products. Additionally, all our medicines were produced in a way that meets the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for drugs.


Designed by practitioners, for practitioners.

All of our medicines are proprietary, created by an expert team of medical doctors and scientists. Our formulas are regularly reviewed and enhanced by this same team - always toward the goal of making our medicines cleaner.

“Our experienced and skilled medicine consultants, business advisors and technical support staff are among the best in the industry.
- David Johnson, CEO

Our dedication to the health of the people who consume our medicines starts with our culture, which emphasizes placing patients first in all decisions. Importantly, our culture also emphasizes supporting practitioners as much as we can, whenever we can. When you partner with Genexa, you partner with a team that is dedicated to your patients’ health, as well as to your success and the success of your practice.


We work hard to provide incredible service and support to our partners.

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•  Practitioner partners receive exclusive wholesale pricing online and over the phone.

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