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Clean Medicine 101

Did you know...

Inactive ingredients are increasingly causing adverse reactions for consumers in the US? Symptoms show in the form of an allergy or intolerance.

These adverse effects can disturb patients’ well-being and adherence to treatment.

According to a recent survey, healthcare professionals commonly don't consider inactive ingredients when prescribing a medication.

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I love both using Genexa products myself and recommending them to my clients. It feels so great to know what I am recommending is both safe as a medication but also made with clean ingredients. My pediatric patients love the organic blueberry flavor. of the Kid's Acetaminophen, They actually look forward to taking it despite being sick because they love the taste so much. Parents are relieved that they don't have to worry about harmful fillers or artificial flavors in the medications they give their kids.

Po Lang, MSN, FNP | Family Nurse Practitioner | Olive Wellness | Provider in Genexa’s HCP Community

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