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Penney Stringer, MD

Dr. Penney Stringer is a board certified family physician specializing in integrative and functional medicine. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Cornell University, her MD from Georgetown University, and her residency from a UC Davis family practice program, where she served as chief resident, she has dedicated the last 10 plus years of her career to studying and practicing functional medicine, a patient-centered health care approach that addresses the unique interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle causes of complex, chronic illness. 

Dr. Stringer has a passion for teaching her patients about the innate healing abilities of the body/mind/spirit and for finding the most gentle and effective treatments that address the root cause of the patient’s imbalance. She is strong advocate of nutritional therapies and utilizes functional testing to uncover specific imbalances in biochemical pathways that are critical to optimal health and wellness. This approach is especially well-suited for patients who are ready and willing to take responsibility for their health and their lifestyle choices. 

Her practice, Optimal Health Medical Center, was created to promote wellness through healthy living. Our staff and practitioners provide a whole person-centered healthcare experience that offers a variety of natural therapies, lifestyle counseling, and programs designed to promote optimal wellness. The Optimal Health Medical Center is dedicated to assisting each client in creating their own wellness plan, eliminating obstacles to the healing plan, and providing a welcoming and loving healthcare environment.

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