Patricia Powers MD, ABP, COL, USA (retired)

Patricia Powers MD, ABP, COL, USA (retired)

Dr. Patty Powers, as she is known by her patients, specializes in hormone problems. She emphasizes to her patients what a burden chronic stress has on our health, and how important our hobbies, our social & spiritual life, and our sleep habits are to maintaining good health. Dr. Powers has spent 30+ years as a pediatrician and pediatric endocrinologist, and in that time has watched the numbers of chronically sick kids and young adults rise dramatically. Today, we see children suffering from diseases that used to be only found in adults like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Dr. Powers had always been interested in alternative medicine, and after the death of her husband, she began to look deeper, to understand the many reasons why people get sick, and how to get them better. Instead of treating the symptoms, Dr. Powers looks at each patient’s unique lifestyle and biochemistry to understand the "whys" of disease. The solutions are different for each person. She finds reward in watching her patients' recovery, and she passionate to spread the news that people can get their health back.

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