Larry Silber, DC

Larry Silber, DC

Dr. Silber graduated from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia with academic honors. He practiced for many years in both the Atlanta and the Seattle a reas before continuing his education and focusing on Functional Medicine.His decision to focus on nutritional healing came out of his desire to help his family. He saw first-hand the damaging effects of stress, poor diet and lack of physical activity on several family members. With a burning passion to learn all he could and share the information with as many as possible, Dr. Silber pursued advanced study with Dr. Daniel Kalish at The Kalish Institute, whose lab-based natural programs focus on healing the three body systems: the Adrenals, the Gut and the Detox System.


Dr. Silber believes that physical health is the platform for achieving one’s goals and spiritual and emotional expansion. Working with people living with all types of health concerns, including weight gain, fatigue, depression, female hormone and gut problems, Dr. Silber shows people how to build a strong foundation of well-being and re-claim their birthright of physical health.

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