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Edmond Sarraf, MD

Dr. Edmond Sarraf, also known as "Dr. Ed," started his career as a “traditional  doctor” in very busy traditional practices. He easily saw 40 patients per day, moonlighted in Urgent Cares, and worked in several hospitals from seeing newborns, to treating hospitalized patients with serious infections/disorders.  During that time, he knew that simply prescribing medicines was not his only calling as a doctor.  That is when he decided to leave everything behind and move back home to LA, start over, and create So Cal Integrative Wellness Center.

Since 2008,  Dr. Ed found his true calling when he started combining Naturopathic and Western medicine. His desire and passion is to see families use food, herbs, homeopathy as “medicine” and to change the vary spoken language of what is called “medicine” at home from a very early age.  He cut down his prescription medications by 85%. He believes in the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and balance.

Having become one of the premier, best established integrative centers in Los Angeles, Dr. Ed’s motto has become gratitude, love and growth in good health. “I am so privileged to work with so many amazing families from the beginning, creating a grass root change where they grow up thinking of food, herbs, homeopathy and mindfulness as their primary medicine.”

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