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Dorinda Smith, MS

Dorinda Smith is a research scientist in the field of autoimmunity, immunology, and environmental toxicology. During her schooling, Dori completed a prestigious two-year Doctoral Fellowship at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, and I co-authored five scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals Dori is familiar and experienced with chronic illness, and understands the emotional turmoil, anger, and sadness caused by poor health. As an immunologist, she recognized inflammation as the driver behind most conditions, and decided to apply the “principles” of functional medicine to her own life. Those principles are: detox, nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress reduction, movement, and positive mindset/spirituality, and when Dori took her healing into her own hands, she began feeling better instantaneously.


Dori is keen on spreading the word about functional medicine, and alternatives to the American “sickcare” model of healthcare. Now she coaches individuals and groups, and shares her own story of overcoming illness through functional medicine at churches, civic organizations, corporations, doctor's offices, spas, health clubs, and more. Dori is proud to join the thousands of doctors, scientists and other health professionals who have seen the science and the testimonies of people healing. Doctors have changed their practices to incorporate the functional medicine model which is more beneficial to0 the patient. She believes the expansion of functional medicine represents a paradigm shift not dissimilar to the discovery of penicillin.

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