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Alan Kadish, DNM

Dr. Alan Kadish started practice with a 28-year history of providing family medical services as a primary care Naturopathic physician, in Southern Oregon. The practice centered on the treatment of complex disorder patients, with an emphasis on the neurological and autoimmune diseases and those on the autistic spectrum disorder. His practice has been utilizing the biomedical approach to treating ASD patients, since the 1990’s. He remains current in the field and participates in the Cleveland Clinic ASD CEU updates regularly, and enjoys blogging on the most recent findings in Autism research.

Dr. Alan Kadish is a diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine (ABAAM), an area of interest, since 1979 when he was the technical editor for the “Life Extension Handbook” published by Endless Horizons. He actively continues to innovate and provide patients with scientifically validated evaluation and treatment modalities, in the area of anti-aging/enhancement. 

Following his primary care practice, Dr. Kadish had the unique opportunity to spend 4 1/2 years out of the country working in a stem cell research facility. The experience lead to additional surgical and aesthetic trainings.

Dr. Kadish has been and is currently a consultant for a number of international nutraceutical groups, unrelated technology startups, and diagnostic laboratories. Dr. Kadish has been instrumental in designing medical and a host of other devices for a number of specialty applications.

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