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Why BPAs and Phthalates are Bad for Our Kids

Genexa Genexa 2018-09-04 14:09:00 -0700


By Dr. Mark Menolascino, MD, Genexa Medical Advisor

This article has been adapted from an interview with Dr. Menolascino for Fatherly.

The biggest concern for all of us and our kids today is the toxicity in our environment. At the top of the list of toxic environmental substances? BPAs and phthalates.

BPA and phthalates – a related class of chemicals – are plasticizers that can be found in food packaging, steel can liners, drug coatings, and cosmetics. They are commonly used to make plastic strong lightweight, and flexible. 

Unfortunately, BPAs are everywhere! Most people know to avoid them in our water bottles and plastics, but did you know that they exist in our credit card receipts? And microwaving any kind of plastic also increases exposure to the toxins of BPAs. So make sure to keep your plastic cling wrap out of the microwave when reheating your foods.

Why are BPAs so bad? Well, they create hormone disruption in multiple forms. Not only do they disrupt the thyroid and adrenal glands, but they also inhibit the female and male hormones we’re familiar with, like estrogen and testosterone. 

In boys, BPAs can affect their ability for optimal performance, including testosterone levels, and may even affect fertility. If you want your son to have optimal performance, whether that be as someone who excels in math or someone who excels in sports, toxicity from chemicals like BPA’s can sabotage that performance.

In women, exposure to BPA can cause PMS, early menopause, acne, and is a strong source of other hormone disruptors. Any hormone disruptor, including BPAs, can change the hormone pathway, and other phthalates can have similar effects and increase our overall toxic load.

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