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What You Need to Do to Kick the Holiday Blues

Genexa Genexa 2018-12-18 14:51:00 -0800


The holidays are great. Okay, they’re also stressful, but between traveling, time off work, gifts and family time, the holidays offer a lot of joy.

And then they’re over, and it’s back to the same old, same old. It can be a real bummer. No more holiday parties with friends, no more quality time playing in the snow with your little ones, no more nostalgic holiday traditions… Do you suffer from the post-holiday blues, too?

If so, you’re not alone. It’s common for many people to feel notably unhappy after the first couple days of January – first you feel relief because the stress of the holidays is over, and then you start feeling down because the magic of the season is over, too.

If you’re looking to kick your sad feelings to the curb, here are five tips to help you get over the post-holiday blues:

  1. Keep Busy

Yes, it’s a bit cliché, but it works. When you keep your schedule full, it forces you to get back into the swing of normal life, instead of dwelling on nostalgia for the holidays. Jump back into work with zeal and show your boss and coworkers that you are excited to be back at work – even if you still secretly miss your holiday break. Or take on new responsibilities and projects to keep your mind focused on looking forward, not looking back.

  1. Bring Holiday Joy to Your Everyday Life

Reflect on why you get so much sense of fulfillment from the holidays. Is it the time you spend with your long-distance family? Is it the pleasure of giving gifts to others and seeing them light up with surprise? Or is it maybe even just the food?

Chances are, whatever it is, you can find a way to make that feeling last year-round. Set up Skype dates with your long-distance family members; surprise your best friend with a just-because present; host a dinner party as an excuse to prepare your favorite holiday dishes. While it might not be as special as it was during the holidays, it still gives you a way to continue the good feelings you had then.

  1. Dive into Your New Year’s Goals

Many people choose to make a New Year’s resolution at the start of every year, because January 1st is a symbol of a fresh start to work on new objectives. If you’ve decided on a resolution, whether it’s getting in shape or picking up a new hobby, dive into it headfirst this year! Working towards a goal of self-improvement will leaving you feeling fulfilled and accomplished, and will quickly put the blues of the post-holiday season behind you.

  1. Prioritize Acts of Kindness

The holiday season is all about giving, spreading cheer, expressing gratitude and bringing out the best in each other. Why limit that to December? Make it a priority in your life to be kind to others all year long and you’ll find the rewarding feeling you get during the holiday season doesn’t have to end there.

  1. Connect with Others

Sometimes, keeping busy and being kind to others just isn’t enough to keep you from feeling down at this time of year. And that’s okay! It just means that you should probably take some time to connect with a loved one and share how you’re feeling. You’ll probably find that you feel significantly better just getting it off your chest – and you’ll find it brings you and your loved one closer as well. And isn’t that the most important part of the holidays, anyway?

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