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This is the Simplest Flu-Fighting Trick Ever

Genexa Genexa 2018-09-21 12:16:00 -0700

simple flu fighting recipe genexa blog

We are officially at the start of flu season and everyone is scrambling to keep flu germs away from themselves and their families. We've collected tons of flu-fighting resources on our blog, including recipes for meals full of vitamins to help you fight off germs or to help you get well faster. However, none of them are quite so simple as this one!

For advice on which recipes help fight off colds and flus, we reached out to Talia Pollock. Talia is the creator of Party in My Plants, an essential collection of healthy living advice including a very popular podcast, healthy cooking videos, recipes, and more. Talia is an expert in plant-based living, and somehow always manages to make healthy eating fun (crazy, right?).

“When I'm sick, my first go-to is the cliche-but-whatever-it-works glass of warm lemon water!” Talia told us, “Not only is the warmth soothing and the smells of citrus uplifting, but the vitamin C in the lemon helps jack up your immune systems and kill viral infections!”

And she’s totally right about that: lemons are full of vitamin C, which can both boost your immune system to keep you from getting sick and help fight off a sickness when you already have one. Plus, as Talia explains on her blog, warm lemon water does way more than just fight off colds and flu: it helps with weight loss, digestion, and even keeps your breath smelling fresh! Basically, this recipe is a super easy, super helpful addition to your daily routine.

While you may want to combine multiple flu-fighting methods to keep yourself (and your family) healthy this winter, this one is so simple to implement that you might as well throw it in. 

Finally, there's always Genexa's organic Flu-Fix flu medicine. Our natural formula is another safe and effective way to fight symptoms of the flu.

Check out the recipe from healthy living expert Talia Pollock below, and while you’re at it, download our printable guide to fighting the flu in your home. And make sure you sign up for our email list for more recipes and healthy content!


Warm Lemon Water Recipe



½ of a fresh lemon
A cup of warm water


Simply squeeze the juice of half this citrus goddess into a glass of nice warm water, and drink up!


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