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These Dads are Changing How We Think About Medicine

Genexa Genexa 2018-06-14 13:07:00 -0700


As any father will tell you, the way you see the world changes when you become a parent. You do more research into the foods your family eats and the products your family uses. You become hyper-aware of potential dangers to your family’s wellbeing. You do whatever you can to keep your kids healthy and safe.

David Johnson and Max Spielberg are no exceptions. When Max discovered that the over-the-counter medicine prescribed to his newly-pregnant wife contained potentially harmful ingredients like artificial sweeteners, dyes, and fillers, he started doing some serious research. As it turned out, tons of medicines – for adults, children, pregnant women and even infants – were full of unhealthy inactive ingredients. 

David, whose own parents were healthcare practitioners, was equally concerned about the medicines available for his family. When you give your children cold medicine, it’s because you want to make them healthy again – but some of the ingredients in those medicines were the opposite of healthy. Both Max and David knew that something had to change.

That’s why they teamed up to create Genexa, and now they’re pioneering the clean medicine industry. They worked long days and long nights building patent-pending proprietary technology to make a whole new kind of medicine: medicine that’s cleaner, organic, non-GMO, and generally better for you. They created one of the fastest-growing companies of the last few years (with the awards and honors to prove it). But if you ask them why they did it, it wasn’t for the awards, or the money, or the success; it was to create cleaner options for their families and yours. 

They were doing what dads do best: keeping their families healthy and safe. And in the process, they’ve changed the medicine industry for the better.

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