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Surprising Myths About Vegan Products

Genexa Genexa 2016-08-11 09:00:00 -0700

Knowing and understanding what goes into your body is the first step to leading a healthier, more natural life. At Genexa, we’re proud to make medicines with ingredients straight from the earth.

Vegan products are made using non-animal ingredients. Consuming plant-based products can be a healthy choice for you and your family, but the concept of veganism can be confusing. Today, we’re debunking some surprising myths about vegan products:

MYTH: Veganism is a popular “fad” that will fade with time.
It might seem like veganism popped out of nowhere. However, the concept was actually coined in 1944 when The Vegan Society was first formed. This “non-dairy vegetarian” diet demonstrated personal health benefits and also supported environmental sustainability. Today, more and more non-animal products are available, and more people are choosing plant-based to complement their healthy lifestyle.

MYTH: Veganism is hard.
Now more than ever, it’s easy to make plant-based choices! Labeling has made choosing products more accessible if you know what to look for. Keep your eye out for the “V” symbol on packaging. Familiarize yourself with common animal-based ingredients.  If you're really not sure, whip out your phone and do a quick Google search. Sometimes products from the grab-and-go section of the grocery store list the ingredients but do not include the symbol. Staying informed or keeping resources handy can help you make the right decision.

MYTH: Vegan products are less effective than traditionally non-vegan products.
While animal products are still considered “natural,” the efficacy of vegan products can spark an interesting debate. This may boil down to personal preference, but in some cases, plant-based products can be more effective. For example, soaps made with olive oil often last longer than those made with animal fat.

MYTH: Vegan products are more expensive.
The idea that plant-based products are more expensive is a little silly. After all, aren’t plants typically cheaper than their processed, animal counterparts? In the long run, many of these products can save money. For instance, sometimes plant-based products do not need to be consumed as quickly. They also don't require expensive processing and packaging. The long-term benefits of adding non-animal  products, such as medicines and beauty products, can also save money and increase an overall feeling of wellness.

Genexa’s complete line of organic medicine* are made with vegan ingredients, giving you peace of mind and clarity about what you and your family are putting in your body. Learn more about the world’s first organic, over-the-counter medicine!

*All medicines are vegan with the exception of FluFix, which contains anas barbariae.

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