Printable: How to Protect Against School Germs! [Checklist]

Now that you and your family are settled in to the back-to-school rhythm, it's time to prep for the inevitable back-to-school bug! You know, the one that spreads like wildfire, starting a few weeks after the beginning of the school year and seems to leave virtually no child untouched? And when your little one brings home those germs, it's only a matter of time before the rest of the family has it, too. Well, because we care about your family's health as much as we care about our own, we've created a handy printable resource to help you prepare!

This checklist includes tips collected from all over meant to best help you prevent sickness in your home, from the things you can teach your kids to do to prevent sharing germs, to the things you can do yourself to keep them healthy. 


And remember, sometimes even our best efforts can't keep all the germs away. If your little one comes home sick, you can always count on some TLC and Genexa's Cold Crush for Children® to help them feel better again.


Download the printable PDF and put it up on your refrigerator to help you fight the back-to-school bug this year!

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