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Prank Your Kids on April Fool's Day

Genexa Genexa 2017-03-30 20:18:00 -0700

Is it ok to play a prank on your kids on April 1? If you have to ask yourself this question, you definitely need to have more fun. YES, IT IS TOTALLY OK! And we encourage funny, creative, and family friend jokes year-round.

Since today is a holiday, we're sharing some of our favorite kid-friendly pranks:

1. After your kids fall asleep, gently pick them up and move them into each other's beds. The confusion on their faces in the morning is worth the extra effort!

2. Replace your child's favorite juice with a similar colored gelatin and refrigerate overnight with a straw inside. 

3. If you still have some of their old clothes, switch out their current wardrobe with smaller pieces. A sudden growth-spurt overnight will certainly provide some funny reactions!

4. Hide the match of your kid's shoes while they're sleeping. 

5. Put sticky eyes on all the food in your kid's lunch.

6. Cover the bathtub walls with fake insect stickers for a creepy scare.

7. Blow up a ton of balloons and stuff them in your kid's bedroom closet. 

8. Park your cars down the street so when you get ready to leave for school, the cars appear to be stolen. 

9. Hide all the electronics in your house while your kids are at school and pretend you have no idea why they "vanished."

10. Remove the batteries from every remote control and unplug the TV's. 

Remember to gauge the intensity of the prank with your child's tolerance. While some kids have a great sense of humor, others might be more sensitive and take the jokes seriously. April Fool's Day is the national day of pranks, but keep it within reason!

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