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Playtime: Creative Activities to Do with Your Kids

Genexa Genexa 2016-08-02 09:00:00 -0700

There are so many creative activities to do with your kids, and finding new ones is half the fun! Many parents laugh when they buy their child a new toy and the box ends up being the revered object. Finding these creative moments will not only help your child in the long-run but also provide some fun (and therapeutic) parent bonding time.

These fun activities will help you and your children unleash your inner creative and start reaping the benefits of right-brain exercises immediately!

Breakfast Doodling
Before the hectic day begins, take a few minutes during breakfast and bust out the crayons and paper. have your child doodle for five minutes on one half of the paper while you draw on the other. The doodles can be unprompted, or you can begin the activity by asking your child to think about their dreams last night, or what they’re most excited about today. These early morning doodles can be used later for a scrapbook, or serve as mediums for other art projects.

“Yes, and…”
A favorite exercise for improvisational comedians, the “yes, and…” game is simple: the first person begins to tell a story with one sentence. The next person starts their sentence with, “yes, and…” adding another idea to the storyline, and so on. This game encourages both parents and children to keep their creative juices flowing and prevents ideas (no matter how silly or outrageous) from being thrown out. Try this game during a long car ride or during storytime at night.

Shapes in Nature
Turn your bodies into objects with this fun activity! Ask your child to identify an object they see around them, such as a tree or a bench. Then try to morph your bodies into the best representation of that object. If you want to add more of a dance element, turn on some music, identify a series of objects to imitate, and get groovin’!

Stimulating creativity in children is crucial for mental, social, and emotional development, especially in the early years. Creative activities also encourage children to think outside their routine, take risks with their imaginations, and not be afraid of making mistakes. This leads to increased self-confidence and decision-making down the road. Encourage your child to find new ways to express themselves creatively, and don't be afraid to partake in these activities as the parents. It's good for you, too!

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