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6 Healthy Family Bloggers Share: “Why I Choose Organic”

Hayley Free @littlemeandfree
Shahla @treehousethreads
Shahla @TreehouseThreads
Bri Dietz @bri.dietz
Talia, @PartyinmyPlants
Summer Lewis @beingsummerlewis
Stephanie @honestlymommy
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Last week, we shared on our blog a post that showed just how much the organic product industry has grown – but it was lacking a personal point of view. So, this week, we decided to reach out to some of our favorite bloggers (from supermoms to healthy eating gurus) why they choose organic products over conventional ones. Click next to read their answers!

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For some moms, buying organic was not originally a habit. In fact, for blogger Hayley Free, the transition didn’t happen until she became a mother:

"I switched to organic after I became a mother. I became more conscious about what my daughter and I were consuming. I also wanted to make sure we were eating and using the best options available."

- Hayley, @LittleMeAndFree

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Like Hayley, Shahla of Treehouse Threads made the transition to organics when she knew she was going to be a mother as well.

"When I found out I was pregnant, I completely crossed over to the organic side. I wanted to make sure that everything I was ingesting (and even items I was applying in topical form) were chemical free.”

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However, Shahla likes to keep things in perspective!

“Does this mean that my kids won't ever have a red licorice? We try to do everything in moderation, but choose organic at every opportunity.

- Shahla, @treehousethreads

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Blogger Bri Dietz, a clinical nutritionist and mother of two, also keeps the same perspective when it comes to buying organic for her family. You can’t protect your kids from everything, but you can pick your battles and make the right choices where you can!

"I choose organic food and medicine for my family because I want to do the best I can to make sure my children's food is as nutritionally rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as possible and reduce the risk of exposure to synthetic pesticides. I know I won't always be able to control everything my kids consume, but I will put my best foot forward when I can!”

- Bri, @bri.dietz

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Creator of Party in my Plants, a podcast/blog/brand based on the idea that being healthy doesn’t have to suck (shocker, right?!), Talia understands that organic doesn’t always fit with your best life – but it usually does:

"Whenever possible (for my wallet and convenience) I go for organic. Why? Because if I want to live and look my best, my insides need to be fed the best, and that means I want as little crap as possible going into my body.”

- Talia, @partyinmyplants

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Our last two bloggers are both mothers trying to balance it all: Raising their kids, being a wife, running businesses and blogs and building a brand… It can be overwhelming, but they both consider organic diets an important part of their overall lifestyles. For Summer Lewis and Stephanie Peltier, teaching their families to lead healthy lives is a must; and going organic is an essential piece of the puzzle.


"Because our family tries to eat healthy and exercise regularly, reducing pesticides from our diet through eating organic foods was the next step for us to improve our personal health. Not only do we believe that going organic is healthier for our bodies, but it is also healthier for the environment!”

- Summer, @beingsummerlewis

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I believe in teaching my children to live a healthy lifestyle, not just make healthy food choices, so switching to organic products and all natural cleaning supplies have been little steps towards a healthier lifestyle for our family.”

- Stephanie, @honestlymommy

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Now that you’ve heard all about why your fellow superstar moms and healthy eating experts choose organic for themselves and their families, tell us why YOU choose organic! Comment below or tweet at us @genexahealth and we might feature your story next.

Hayley Free @littlemeandfree
Shahla @treehousethreads
Shahla @TreehouseThreads
Bri Dietz @bri.dietz
Talia, @PartyinmyPlants
Summer Lewis @beingsummerlewis
Stephanie @honestlymommy

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