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Spreading the Health This National Day of Giving

Genexa Genexa 2017-11-21 12:17:00 -0800


Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 is the National Day of Giving, or Giving Tuesday. Following the shopping bonanza of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to give back to your community or to the world. Read here for more information about what you can do this Giving Tuesday:


Donating your time is often just as valuable as donating your money. There are volunteer opportunities to fit all interests, whether you would like to give your time to a local food bank to feed the homeless or to mentor at-risk youth. Take some time to think about what moves you and then do some research into what local volunteer options are available to you. 

Don't know where to start? That's okay! Put out a call for suggestions from your friends on Facebook. You're bound to find plenty of inspiration!


Sometimes you don't have the time to donate to a cause you believe in. That's okay, too. Many nonprofits need donors to make their causes possible. Finding a worthy nonprofit may seem daunting, especially because you want to make sure your money is going to something you really believe in. In this case, be just as diligent in your research (or maybe even more diligent!) than when you were looking for a volunteer opportunity.

The great thing about donating money on Giving Tuesday is that you can support nonprofits from all over the world, not just ones with operations local to where you live. This frees you up to think out of the box; maybe you want to support groups educating women in developing countries, or maybe you want to help a nationwide medical nonprofit meet its funding goal for curing a serious illness! No matter what, your dollar counts.

Choose Businesses That Give Back

Lastly, if you didn't get a chance to complete your holiday shopping on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday, you can kill two birds with one stone on Giving Tuesday. Many businesses will run promotions that give a percentage of or dollar amount for individual sales on Giving Tuesday to deserving nonprofit organizations. You can use this to decide where you want to buy particular items that day; if a business offers a product you want and is donating to a cause you believe in, then Giving Tuesday is the day you want to make that purchase!

At Genexa, we believe in giving back through our Spread the Health™ initiative to pave the way for healthier people, healthier communities, and a healthier world. This Giving Tuesday, Genexa is giving back by volunteering as a team for Food Forward, and organization that works with grocers and farmers markets to donate produce to those in need. Do you have a cause or nonprofit you will be supporting this Giving Tuesday? Share with us on social media!


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