Make Your Thanksgiving Unique

Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pie are Thanksgiving staples. Are they delicious? Yes! But is it time to do something a little different? Yes! Shake it up a little this Thanksgiving with these different ideas. Follow along on Pinterest to see all of our ideas!

Our Favorite Thanksgiving 2016 Trends!

Photo: Plant Strong Vegan

Cauliflower is delicious AND versatile. But you already knew that! Trade up your traditional mashed potatoes for some mashed cauliflower, or roast large slices of cauliflower "steaks" with your favorite spices. Check out this one-pan recipe for a delicious side or main dish.

Photo: New York Times

Rice salads are all the rage this fall, and for good reason! Wild rice is packed with powerful antioxidants and is actually really good for you. We love this rice salad recipe from the New York Times because it combines some Thanksgiving staples, like nuts and celery, with an untraditional twist.

Photo: Sprinkle of Green

It wouldn't be a trendy Thanksgiving without sweet potato, but adding turmeric takes your dish to a whole new level! Made with smoked paprika, tahini, and other delicious ingredients, this creamy sweet potato and turmeric hummus recipe from Sprinkle of Green is delish. 

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