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Is Souping the New Juicing?

Genexa Genexa 2017-03-20 09:00:00 -0700

Who ever thought "souping" would be a word we would have in our daily vocabulary? Well, it's here and it's one of the trendiest food crazes this year! Souping is simple: nutritious soup blended into a drinkable form. Drinking your soup isn't anything new. Remember Mom's noodle remedy for the common cold? But what is new is the rise of this trend into mainstream food and beverage.

"Souping" bars are becoming as prominent as juice bars were a few years ago. There are also a number of companies offering home delivery or shipping! Getting your fix of nutritious fruits and veggies has never been easier. 

Functional Health Benefits

Going on a soup cleanse offers many of the same benefits as a juice cleanse. But opening up a can of your favorite soup is not the same thing. Blended soups that are made from whole fruits and vegetables help retain the fiber that broth-based soups and pressed juices discard. Soups are also flavored with healthy herbs and spices that help fight indigestion, inflammation, and more!

Feel Full Longer

While pressed juices may leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, that feeling is often accompanied by a quick crash and low energy levels. Soups, on the other hand, are laden with filling veggies. You can still get the benefits of a cleanse without the side effects of feeling famished.

Like any cleanse, souping should be done in moderation. Anytime you deprive your body of full nutrients and calories, your energy will be lower. Use souping as a week-long chance to reset, and then get back to a normal, healthy diet. Cheers!

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