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Interview with David Johnson, Genexa CEO & Co-Founder

Genexa Genexa 2016-12-19 13:33:00 -0800

Max Spielberg (President & Co-Founder) & David Johnson (CEO & Co-Founder) 

Genexa is on a mission to make medicine healthier. CEO and Co-Founder, David Johnson, shares just how this mission is being met, why labels matter, and how this company came to be.

Tell us about Genexa and what makes it unique.

Genexa is the first and only certified organic and non-GMO medicine. As a medicine we are regulated by the FDA. Our medicines appeal to the consumer who wants to be healthier and have a healthier option. We have removed the synthetic bio wastes typically found in over-the-counter medicines so our medicine can be healthier. We also give back for initiatives like clean water and providing healthier medicine for children. We are a certified B-Corporation, which means that we are a business that’s doing overall good for greater humanity. We’re not just in the business to be in business.

Why did you decide to start this company? What inspired you?

Being a father of two young children, it has always been of passion of mine to create something healthy. I come from a naturopathic background and was born and raised in a healthy family. I wanted to make sure other consumers had an alternative option to their over-the-counter medicine and that’s how the evolution of creating a healthier product came about. My business partner Max also suffers from seasonal allergies and was looking for a solution that didn’t cause negative reactions. He figured out that if he took out a lot of the synthetic by-products in medicine he could have a product that not only helped his allergies but also didn’t have adverse effects. When we looked at the organic and natural products industry as a whole, we saw huge potential to bring our idea to market.  

Genexa products are USDA organic and non-GMO project verified. Why are these certifications important when it comes to medicine?

These certifications are important because you need to know that what is going into your body is not synthetic. Synthetics are not created by nature and shouldn’t be in your body. People choose carefully what to eat and look for the organic and non-GMO labels, so why are they not extending that to medicine? It’s important to choose to eat and put things in the body that should be in the body.

Certification seems to be a foundation of your company, could you discuss what being a certified B-Corp means and tell us about your “Spread the Health” campaign?

Having a B-Corporation certification is extremely important and exciting to us. B-Corps are companies that are in the business of doing good, not just turning a profit. Our certification shows our commitment to social and environmental behaviors that benefit humanity. Our Spread the Health initiative is one example of that. We plan to kick off this program on the first of January. There are a ton of kids suffering from not having clean water and we want to reinvest a portion of our profits into cleaner water and health initiatives for children both domestically and internationally.


Learn more about Genexa's story and how organic medicine is different from conventional, over-the-counter medicines on our website!

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