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Hygge: It's Time to Get Cozy!

Genexa Genexa 2017-01-29 19:52:00 -0800

You may have seen the word "hygge" popping up on your newsfeeds recently, but the concept is not new. Hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah") is a Danish word for the feeling and concept of coziness and warmth. This unique concept has also been said to increase health and happiness in those who practice it regularly. 

Staying cozy and incorporating hygge is not just limited to the colder winter months. Here are a few ways you can incorporate hygge into your life all year long!

Cozy up! When the weather is cold, add some hygge to your life with cozy, soft materials such as blankets, socks, and a warm fireplace. Warm and hot beverages are also signatures, including spicy mulled wine or a great cup of tea. Candles are also key! In Denmark, candles are the ultimate sign of hygge as the winter nights get longer and longer. Add some beautiful candles to every room of your house to get the full experience.

Hygge is best accomplished with friends and family. Feelings of warmth are not limited to temperature! The warmth one receives from spending quality time with friends and family fully encapsulates hygge. Including good conversation, shared meals, and quality time spent together all contribute to elevated spirits and overall happiness.

Coziness in the summer? Yes, it's possibly to reap the benefits of hygge in the warmer summer months. Outdoor picnics, bike rides, outdoor concerts, and a general sense of community all count! 

Hygge is about enjoying the simple things and finding meaning and warmth in those micro-moments. Reading a book by a sunny window or lighting a soft candle while you enjoy your morning coffee can all help capture this magical feeling. So, how do you hygge? 

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