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How to Jumpstart Your Health and Fitness Resolution

Genexa Genexa 2018-12-18 14:46:00 -0800

Fitness, Mental Health, and Losing Weight

It’s the end of the year, which means everyone you know is probably looking forward to a fresh start after January 1. In line with tradition, many people come up with resolutions to change their lifestyle in the New Year, from losing weight to eliminating bad habits to any number of other positive life changes.

What is your New Year’s resolution this year? If you have one, then you’ve come to the right place. We can’t guarantee advice on every single possible resolution, but we do have advice for some of the most popular resolutions out there! Diet, exercise, weight loss, and fitness tend to be the top themes of New Year’s resolutions as people hope to make healthier lifestyle changes.

top new year's resolutions genexa blog

If any of these are your New Year’s resolution, then check out the list below. Find some stellar advice for how to achieve your New Year’s resolution and how to avoid failing to complete it. You might even find some inspiration for a great resolution you hadn’t thought of yet! 

If your resolution is…

1. To lose weight, then read this blog on the best way to make sure you’re achieving your goals long-term. It also gives you actionable tips for making sure your weight loss journey isn’t a failure, like so many other weight loss resolutions end up.

2. To get in shape, then read this blog on 5 steps to a healthier body that anybody can take. These tips are so easy to implement that you’ll have no excuse but to start on your resolution right away! Once you’re ready, you can check out some easy ways to incorporate yoga in your daily routine and this blog on the best workouts that you can try right now.

3. To eat healthier, then read on healthy eating for every season of the year. It’s a sure-fire way to keep you eating healthy all year long! We also have a guide for healthy eating while on the road – so you can make sure you’re eating healthy even as you travel (or on your morning commute to work!).

4. To practice more mindfulness, then read our tips for easy ways to slow down and recharge. If you want to start meditating as part of your mindfulness ritual, read guide on practicing meditation when you have a busy lifestyle!

5. To take care of your mental health, then read this blog on easy steps to a healthier mental wellbeing. At this time of year, stress can overwhelm you and you can feel your mental health deteriorating. In those situations, remember those tips!

If your resolution is not health and fitness related, check out this blog about hobby and lifestyle resolutions. Even if you don’t find your exact resolution, you may get some inspiration! And for more great content like this, make sure you subscribe to our email list.



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