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Here is the Best Advice for Healthy Traveling

Genexa Genexa 2017-12-19 15:48:00 -0800


Whether you’re traveling alone or with the whole family, there are a lot of things to think about – especially when it comes to healthy traveling! In order to help you have the most healthy, stress-free travel experience, we’ve put together a comprehensive resource guide to traveling. From professional packing advice to infographics on airplane germs, we have your back here at Genexa!

1. This blog is a comprehensive pre-travel preparation guide for reducing stress: 

genexa blog travel stresss

From booking the flight to arriving at your destination, there are all kinds of mishaps that can befall a traveler (whether alone or with family). If you want a straightforward checklist of the best tips for planning ahead to avoid all that stress, this blog is for you.


2. This video of tips for packing for from a professional organizer:

Let’s be real; we’ve all wondered if there’s a best way to pack for a trip, and wondered if there is some sort of authority on the matter who we can ask. Luckily, there is! Julianna Strickland is a professional organizer who put wrote this blog on her best tips for packing for trips, whether you’re traveling by car or plane. We condensed her stellar advice into this quick video for easy viewing and sharing!


3. This infographic will tell you the dirtiest places on an airplane:


Somehow, the bathrooms don’t rank number one – or even close! The place on an airplane that has the most germs is actually the seat back tray table – AKA the place you eat your food. Bring some disinfectant wipes and wipe everything down before you touch it! For more gruesome details (how many germs are there on my tray table?!) you can check out the full blog. Prepare to be shocked!


4. And these 6 must-read tips for avoiding sickness during travel! 


This blog is especially helpful for parents traveling with young kids – nothing’s worse than traveling with a sick little one! Use the advice listed in this blog to help you take care of your family, such as bringing extra hand sanitizer for all family members. Then prepare to have a great vacation! 

Now that you’re prepared to have your healthiest travel experience ever, make sure you sign up for our email list for more resources like this. Happy travels!


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