Help Save the World with 5 Sustainable School Supplies

We know what you’re thinking – back-to-school season was months ago! You’ve already bought your school supplies, why change it up halfway through the year? 

Well, first of all, we’ll bet some of those supplies you bought at the beginning of the year are already worn out, broken, or lost (how do kids lose pencils so quickly?!). Secondly, and more importantly, it’s never too late to make a more sustainable choice to help save the planet. So take stock of the sustainable school supplies you need to replenish and try these environmentally-friendly options instead of the traditional.

1. Recycled Newspaper Pencils


No school supply list is complete without #2 pencils, but here’s an updated alternative. Pencils made out of recycled newspapers are on the rise, and are available from multiple brands. They’re the same as traditional wooden pencils as far as use, but better for the planet – and cooler looking, too!

2. Recycled & Recyclable Notebooks or Journals


Just like the newspaper pencils, there are tons of options for notebooks and journals made out of recycled paper and cardboard. These are also available from many different brands, but check out these super cool Decomposition Books, which are composition journals made from recycled sources and are recyclable themselves. This brand also makes recycled notebooks, binders, and more!

3. Recycled Wax Crayons


Paper isn’t the only recyclable school supply! Wax from crayons can be recycled into new crayons or other cool shapes – these Star Crayons are a great example of recycled crayon wax in a new, fun shape. Recycled crayons can also be made at home, which means you can help save the planet AND your budget!

4. This Staple-Free Stapler


This stapler is pretty innovative, because it doesn’t use staples at all. It instead uses the paper itself to bind the sheets of paper together, meaning there is no waste of the natural resources that create staples (which always ultimately get thrown away!). Here’s a bonus: Because of this stapler’s binding process, it creates zero paper waste, either!

5. A Planet Box Lunch Container


This space-age lunch container is not just a stylish lunch accessory, it also takes eco-friendly to a whole new level. It gets rid of the traditional, wasteful brown paper bag lunch container, and eliminates the need for those little plastic lunch baggies; double the waste! If you want to hear more testimonials to its greatness, check out this post from professional organizer Julianna Strickland.

Now you’re all ready and informed to go out and help save the world by restocking your child’s school supplies with these sustainable alternatives! Do you have a favorite, sustainable school supply? Share it with us!

Genexa is proud be officially certified BioPreferred by the USDA, so customers can trust that our product packaging contain renewable biological ingredients, derived from plants and other sustainable materials. Genexa is committed to environmentally sustainable business practices, and as a certified B-Corp, believes in using business as a force of good.

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