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Focus Now to Lose Weight Later

Genexa Genexa 2017-03-14 16:08:00 -0700

You know you need to work out and eat right to lose weight. But did you know that your mental focus could be messing up your weight loss goals? Setting a goal weeks in advance can make the task of losing weight and staying motivated even harder.

One way to avoid this "impending doom" (and probable failure) is to focus on yourself in the present moment. It sounds simple, but many adults struggle with this simple task. One way to reframe your mindset is to think of how you reward and motivate children that are learning how to walk or speak. Each step or word gets immediate praise, encouraging the child to progress. However, if you waited to praise them when they could walk a mile, or give a graduation speech, they would lose motivation. 

So why do we delay our own rewards when it comes to losing weight?

It's time to quit that behavior. Focus intently on the progress you made throughout the day. After every good meal choice or extra steps taken, remind yourself about how good those activities made you feel. Remember to ask yourself what you did today to bring yourself closer to your ideal weight or fitness level. 

A weight loss journey of any kind is never easy. But every step counts along the way, and continuous reminders of progress will keep you motivated and help you achieve your long-term goals!

Want to track your progress?

Calories, steps, and pounds aren't the only metrics you should be measuring. Plus, solely fixating on the numbers can hinder your progress and make it more difficult to stick with it. Try to focus on some qualitative metrics by asking yourself questions like:

  • What is my mood like today?
  • How hungry do I feel after meals?
  • How strong do I feel (before/after) a workout?
  • How stressed or anxious am I feeling?
  • What is my energy level like?
  • How do I feel about my body today?

Stepping outside the box of numbers and measurements helps you gain a better idea of how you're really progressing. Plus, it's possible that even if you are meeting your numerical goals you might be missing some of these key factors of health, such as feeling less stressed and having more confidence. 

Don't wait to love yourself after you lose weight.

It's easy to be hard on yourself and neglect giving yourself the love you deserve. But if you keep waiting to give yourself that extra encouragement, you may never get there! Remember, by focusing on the present moment you can start living your new life even before you reach your numerical goal. 

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