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Ease Muscle Soreness & Feel Better Sooner!

Genexa Genexa 2016-08-04 09:00:00 -0700

Warmer days means more time for outdoor exercise, and more motivation to hit the gym even harder. But what do you do when you’ve been working a little too hard and every muscle in your body aches? Muscle soreness is caused by a buildup of lactic acid, a normal byproduct of muscle metabolism. The reward of a tough workout is soon burdened by an onset of pain that you just can’t seem to shake.

Although lactic acid is the initial culprit of your burning muscles, the pain you feel for days after is caused by muscle swelling. Treating these symptoms can help alleviate your soreness and help get you back to the grind. Try Genexa’s Arnica Advantage, an organic pain and soreness remedy. Arnica montana has long been used as a powerful homeopathic agent in treating pain and trauma, and can help alleviate symptoms of muscle pain, soreness, joint pain, stiffness, bruises, and swelling.

Make sure you stay hydrated before, during, and after workouts. The more you exert yourself, the more fluids your body needs to recover. Light stretching after you’ve warmed up and some foam roller action can also help ease muscle soreness. When you’re reaching for your post-workout snack, try incorporating some potassium-rich and anti-inflammatory foods, particularly fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants.

Should you stop working out when your muscles are sore?
First and foremost, listen to your body! For some, muscle soreness is a slight “reward” for a hard workout; and for others, it is a nuisance that makes future workouts less enjoyable. Try alternating high intensity workout days with lower intensity exercises, such as yoga or a brisk walk. Don’t underestimate the importance of rest days. Your muscles need time to repair themselves, and if keep pushing, the benefits of exercise and strength training are diminished.

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