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Battling Seasonal Allergies the Organic Way

Genexa Genexa 2016-07-17 09:00:00 -0700

Signs of spring are certainly in the air, including the familiar symphony of seasonal allergies -- sniffing, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, accompanied by a host of unpleasant symptoms. Although staying indoors may seem like the safest solution, those pollens and microbes that plague the outdoor air can make their way into your home via kids, pets, and even the clothes you wear. Take on those pesky allergens and get back to enjoying springtime with these organic remedies:

Fix your allergy symptoms with a natural solution. Plan ahead for allergy season and take your allergy medication before your exposure to outdoor allergens. Genexa Allergy-D for Adults & Kids is a complete, organic allergy medicine for nasal allergy symptoms. The safe, non-drowsy formula comes in chewable tablets, making it easy and convenient to take with you on the go. Plus, the homeopathic formula uses proven ingredients that help you start feeling better much faster.

 Dodge the (natural) bullet.You can easily track the prevalence of pollens and other allergens in your city. Many online weather sites offer maps to track allergies by type like and Changing your outdoor schedule from morning to late afternoon can also make a difference! Most plants release their pollen in the early morning, while other allergy-inducing weeds and pollens have the thickest air presence in mid-day. Do yourself and avoid the pollens by trading in your morning jog for an evening run.

Treat yourself with a little honey. Did you know...consuming local honey can actually help build up your allergy defenses? The bees use local flower pollens to make honey, and a little dose each day can help you build up a tolerance to pollens. Don’t worry if it’s too late to build up a defense; use a little local honey to sweeten some hot tea, another remedy to help you feel less stuffy and better faster.

Cleanse your space. Keep your sanctuary allergy-free (or at least reduced) and remove allergens from the home. Keeping surfaces dust-free, regularly brushing and washing your pets, and keeping fabrics, such as carpets, textiles, and linens clean can help eliminate the negative side-effects you may experience indoors. If you spend a lot of time outdoors during high allergy seasons, change out of your clothes and rinse off before getting into bed to relieve nighttime symptoms.

Mo’ pollens, mo’ problems. Suffering from allergies can take a toll on your whole body, draining your energy and making it difficult to go about your daily routine. Give yourself time to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and clear your sinuses with steam. Many allergy sufferers find relief from using a neti pot for nasal irrigation. The small teapot-like device is a filled with a lukewarm saline solution made with distilled or filtered water. The solution is poured through each nostril, and can help clear the sinuses and ease some of the pain associated with blockage.

The good news is that high allergy season typically only lasts 3-4 days when the temperatures begin to warm, depending on where you live. The better news is that you can now fight those pesky symptoms with an organic allergy medicine made from the highest quality natural ingredients that won’t leave you feeling groggy or medicated.

Conquer this allergy season with confidence! Gear up with Allergy-D Adults and Kids, the world’s first organic over-the-counter allergy medicine. Visit today!


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