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10 Tools You Need This Flu Season

Genexa Genexa 2018-09-21 12:02:00 -0700


From October to April, the flu is going around, and your family can still be at risk for catching it. If you’re concerned (and you’re probably right to be), then it’s a good thing you’ve come to this blog. We have collected all our best flu-fighting resources right here in one place, from recipes to essential information to handy printables.

Flu Resources Your Family Needs

Here are those indispensable tools and resources you’re going to need to keep handy this spring:

1. A Printable Flu Prep Checklist

Print this out and use it to make sure you and your partner are on the same page about how to prevent the flu in your household, or how to handle an outbreak.

2. A Printable Flu Season Grocery List

Take this with you on your next grocery run to prepare your pantry with essentials! Not only will you want to stock up on immunity-boosting foods, but also supplies you’ll definitely want before anyone gets sick.

3. A Printable Flu Game Plan

You’ll need this to keep you sane when the whole family comes down with the flu. Print it out and keep it handy so you don’t lose your mind!

4. A Guide to Caring for a Sick Baby

Is this your first flu season with a little one? Make sure you know the best practices and safety measures for caring for a sick baby.

5. A Must-Read About Children’s Flu Medicine

Do you know what ingredients are really in your kid’s medicines? You’ll want to read up on the yuck-inducing (not to mention potentially dangerous) ingredients in common medicines!

6. A Super-Simple Flu Fighting Trick

This tip comes from healthy eating guru and all-around lovely person Talia Pollock, the creator of Party in my Plants. You’ll be amazed that something so simple can have so many health benefits!

7. 5 Effective Flu-Fighting Foods

Stock up on these tasty and effective foods and feel confident that you're supporting your immune system. From blueberries to garlic and more, you get to enjoy your food while staying healthy.

8. Some Cozy Recipes for Cold & Flu Season

If you haven't succeeded at keeping the flu at bay, then you'll find yourself in need of comfort foods that will speed up your recovery. Here are a few recipes you're going to want to keep handy this winter.

9. Some Foods to Avoid When Sick

Similarly, when you're feeling under the weather, these foods could make you feel worse! Avoid these foods and you'll be feeling better in no time.

10. Genexa's Flu Fix Medicine

Last but certainly not least, make sure you stock up on Genexa Flu Fix before it's too late! Flu Fix is organic, non-GMO, and made with cleaner inactive ingredients than other over-the-counter flu medicines. 

Keep these resources handy, and feel free to peruse our blog for more healthy living advice that we haven’t included here. Your family’s health is very important to us here at Genexa, so make sure you sign up for our email list for more handy content like this!

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