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5 Outstanding Retailers Who Put Your Health First

Genexa Genexa 2018-03-09 14:20:00 -0800


You’re the kind of person who will always prioritize your health and your family’s health, right? You research products before you purchase, and you know which ingredients you definitely do not want in your food, like preservatives and artificial sweeteners. You probably have a list of trusted brands that you support, because their healthy values align with your own. And now, you have a few new allies.

As customers like you have started to prefer healthy, natural food and personal care products over conventional options, many natural-focused grocers and retailers have begun to thrive. These retailers and markets are often regional chains focused on enriching their local communities. They provide healthier product options and give to those in need through donations, organizations and events. These businesses prioritize the health of you, your family, and your community – just like you do. Here are a few of our favorite natural product retailers:

Earth Fare

Region: The Southeast & Midwest

In 1975, Earth Fare (then called Dinner for the Earth) opened and became the first health food store in Asheville, NC. Now there are over three dozen Earth Fare locations across the American Midwest and Southeast regions, providing healthy food options to tons of health-conscious people like you. The Earth Fare Food Philosophy pledges that the food sold in their stores is free of unhealthy ingredients like hormones, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, artificial preservatives and more – all of which are listed on their Boot List! The Boot List includes every nasty ingredient that Earth Fare keep out of your food and off their shelves. Plus, the Earth Fare commitment to health doesn’t stop at food! Their dedication to the environmental health means Earth Fare stores are designed to have a positive impact on the world as well.


Region: Southern California

Erewhon Market has been a healthy-living staple of Southern California since the 1960s, and now has four locations in the area. The Erewhon brand considers itself not just a store, but a community of people working together to provide pure, nutritious foods and products that promote health of both the population and the planet. Their mission is to make these healthy foods and products accessible for all, and to inspire people to “eat better, eat less and live longer.” The products sold at Erewhon locations meet only the strictest quality standards, so you can rest assured you’re only getting the best ingredients and products.

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

Region: The Midwest

At Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, you get the energy and food quality of a weekend farmers market every day of the week. With a focus on produce and fresh, farm-to-table groceries, you can feel confident that you’re supporting local farmers from the convenience of your neighborhood store. Because the Fresh Thyme team believes that shopping for healthy food should always be easy and enjoyable, their mission is to provide fresh and healthy food at an amazing value in a fun, friendly environment.

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy

Region: The West

Unlike the other retailers on this list, Pharmaca doesn’t focus on providing healthy food options. Instead, Pharmaca is all about offering holistic, integrative health and personal care products, from vitamins and supplements to organic cosmetics. If you don’t want toxic artificial ingredients in your food, then you definitely don’t want them in your vitamins and in your makeup! All of Pharmaca’s products must meet rigorous quality assurance standards: for instance, a brand’s manufacturing facilities are inspected and the products must be free of all artificial ingredients and preservatives before Pharmaca will work with the brand. Pharmaca is definitely the perfect addition to your shopping routine, when you need to pick up health and personal care products not normally stocked at your local healthy market. 

Sprouts Farmers Market

Region: Nationwide

Sprouts Farmers Market is a big name in natural grocers. You can find healthier options across several categories, from produce and meats, to bulk foods, to vitamins and body care items. But the Sprouts commitment to healthy living isn’t limited to the products it offers: Sprouts gives back to communities across the country through regular donations and volunteer work to help make the world a healthier place. Moreover, friendly Sprouts team members aim to provide you with knowledgeable support on your healthy living journey every step of the way. 

If you’re on the journey to finding healthier options for yourself and your family, these five retailers definitely have your back. Shopping at any of these markets means that you’re not only finding the best possible products, but also supporting local businesses and healthier communities, too! For more advice and healthy living content like this, make sure you sign up for our email list.

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