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5 Methods of Detoxification Support

Genexa Genexa 2018-07-24 15:31:00 -0700

 5 Methods of Detoxification Support -- Jill Carnahan, MD

By Jill Carnahan, MD, ABFM, ABIHM, IFMCP

Here's the deal, we all need detoxification support. This is because we live in a time when we are constantly bombarded with toxins unlike any other point in human history. Tens of thousands of chemicals are introduced via our products each day and there's very little oversight. Basically, we're all human guinea pigs and we need to take steps to reduce our routes of exposure and support our detoxification organs.

1. Glutathione – A master antioxidant which can be taken orally or intravenously. Glutathione reduces oxidative stress, is an intracellular antioxidant, and helps with detoxification of environmental toxins.
2. Reducing medication use – Genexa has developed a unique, clean way to provide homeopathic and over-the-counter medications with cleaner ingredients to reduce your toxic load. I recommend most of my patients do what they can to address the root cause of their conditions. Genexa medicines are a great way to help treat the acute symptoms you are experiencing without driving up the amount of toxins in you or your children.
3. Make sure you're going to the bathroom regularly – To properly eliminate toxins in the body you need to be sure you are not constipated. Consider using an Elimination Diet to find any food sensitivities.
4. Use detox binders – I recommend using detox binders like activated charcoal and GI detox. These bind to toxins and help your body eliminate them more readily.
5. Take detox supporting nutrients:

> Chlorophyll
> Green Tea
> Quercetin
> Active B complex
> Milk Thistle
> Calcium D-glucarate
> Curcumin
> Probiotics 50 billion CFUs

I've put together a thorough guideline with more detail to help you through the process of reducing your toxin exposure. You can find that here: Reduce Your Daily Toxin Exposure.

Jill Carnahan, MD, ABFM, ABIHM, IFMCP is a board certified physician in both Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine. She founded the Methodist Center for Integrative Medicine and is currently the Functional Medicine Consultant at Flatiron Functional Medicine in Louisville, CO.

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