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5 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids with Seasonal Allergies 

Genexa Genexa 2018-02-16 04:30:00 -0800

When allergy season rolls around, it can be a huge bummer for kids who love the outdoors – and it’s difficult, as a parent, to see them bummed out. Spring usually means longer days, more sunshine, and warmer weather, which are all perfect reasons to get outside and play. But springtime also means a lot more pollen in the air. Seasonal allergies and pollen can definitely take the fun out of outdoor activities due to watery eyes, itchy noses, sneezing, and more.

Allergies don’t have to mean an early end to the springtime fun, though! Your little one can still enjoy a variety of seasonal activities without getting bogged down by seasonal allergies. Depending on where you’re located geographically, at least one of the following five recommendations could be your new go-to springtime activity for your family.

1. The Beach

Pollen counts are usually much higher in places where trees, weeds, grasses, and other plants pollenate. It can be hard to completely escape all signs of greenery and foliage; however, you can get to a place where there’s less pollen in the air! The beach is not only a ton of fun, but the sea breeze will do wonders for your family’s allergies by blowing away that pesky pollen. Even if the ocean isn’t quite warm enough to swim in during the springtime months, kids will always enjoy playing in the sand.

2. Sandy Desert Hikes

Speaking of sand… Deserts also tend to be free of pollen-producing plants, just like the beach. While the desert doesn’t always sound like the most glamorous day trip, there are some amazing hikes and sites in desert areas, such as Joshua Tree in California or Zion National Park in Utah. And in the spring time, you can expect the weather to remain moderate, so you don’t have to worry about extreme desert heat.

3. Snowy Mountain Visits

If the beach and the desert are still a bit too chilly for you at this time of year, why not dive straight into the cold by taking a trip up a mountain? In the spring, many mountains still have a thick layer of snow that hasn’t yet melted. The high elevation and cold weather makes pollen virtually nonexistent, perfect for allergy sufferers. Go skiing, snowboarding, or just break out the old sled and enjoy a snow day even after winter is technically over.

4. Indoor Swimming Centers

While swimming indoors isn’t quite as fun as swimming outside, there’s a high chance that your local outdoor pool isn’t even open yet in the spring. Enjoy the classic childhood activity of swimming in a pool without any risk of outdoor allergies year-round.

5. Tissue Paper Flower Craft

If going outside is entirely out of the question during prime allergy season, don’t give up. There are still fun indoor activities with perfect springtime themes! For instance, try making colorful paper flowers out of tissue and pipe cleaner. All you have to do is fold up a few layers of tissue paper like a fan, wrap the pipe cleaner “stem” tightly around the middle, and then pull the tissue layers apart to reveal the many petals of your spring flower. Check out this guide for step-by-step photos. You can use this activity to teach your kids about flowers without exposing them to the very things that cause their springtime allergies.

While seasonal allergies can make spring a difficult time for your family, you don’t have to lock yourselves inside and wait for the season to pass. Arm yourself with a trusty allergy medicine, sunglasses, and a list of the best outdoor activities for kids with allergies, and you’ll breeze through it. If you need an allergy medicine recommendation, check out our organic, non-GMO Allergy-D and Allergy-D for Children medicines. And make sure you sign up for our email list for more advice and ideas like these!

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