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5 Easy Ways to Slow Down & Recharge Yourself

Genexa Genexa 2017-06-05 12:30:00 -0700

Schedule a wellness date!

As we strive to juggle all of life’s many elements—family, work, money, health—we occasionally hit long stretches of time that completely distract from self-care and personal wellness.  This unfortunate pattern often leads to the dreaded burnout. Burning out halts everything in its tracks, either ending in physical illness or total mental exhaustion.  And so it’s important to develop a routine event that encourages slowing down, listening to your body, and recharging your batteries.  One unique, simple option for warding off burnout is by regularly scheduling “wellness dates”—or, a planned outing that nourishes the mind, body, and soul.  

For example: 

Explore a local museum or historical site

When the errands and activities leave little to no downtime, the learning portion of our mind often lacks nourishment.  Consider seeking a small, local historical site or stop by a museum you’ve never visited—many even offer a free day of the week.  This influx of art and information eases the tensions of a hectic schedule and increases creativity—a skill that helps ease stress and improves problem-solving abilities.

Hike Through a State Park 

Even the most city-packed states offer access to state-protected reservations, presenting the opportunity to explore hiking trails and parks for both exercise and peace of mind. With the growing research in the benefits of forest bathing, this adventurous options affects both long-term physical and mental wellbeing.

Purchase a Basic Wellness Item 

Is there a certain portion of your body or mind that feels neglected?  Consider exploring a local downtown or small business in search of a basic wellness-related item that will nurture your health in the long term.  Ideas include a new book, aromatherapy items, advice and products from a health food store, or even something as elaborate as quality walking shoes.  Make the search itself part of the adventure—this outing gets you outdoors, moving around, and doing something small just for you. 

Visit a New Restaurant or Coffee Shop

This simple option both supports local businesses and changes up your day-to-day rituals.  At times, simply interacting with a new setting and new group of people can calm and focus the mind. No need to go far off the beaten path or spend a good deal of money; instead, simply seek a new business to have lunch, a cup of tea, or a fancy, elaborate latte to treat yourself to solace and indulgence. Take your time—perhaps bring a book, a journal, or nothing at all. The simplification of the trip takes pressure off the idea that you need a great amount of time, money, or research to treat yourself to a quiet moment. 

Support a local theatre 

When the mind is overloaded, the role of the audience member is a brilliant place to find solace.  Whether you need a rousing musical or a challenging drama, the refuge of the theatre is a useful method for feeding the mind and breaking out of your comfort zone.  This is also an ideal option for a life that requires significant planning ahead of time.

So whether you combine these into one health-boosting weekend, or set aside an hour of a week to reinvigorate your view of the world around you, allowing space for personal wellness outings is a simple, inexpensive way to re-center your mind and avoid the cycle of stress.

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