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5 Best Ways to Naturally Relieve Seasonal Allergies

Genexa Genexa 2018-04-27 00:00:00 -0700

Now that the long winter is finally coming to a close, we’re all getting very excited for spring. The sun is shining, the days are getting longer and warmer, and flowers are blooming! But those same blooming flowers bring something that makes many of us shut our windows and stay inside all spring: pollen. Airborne pollen makes the outdoors unbearable for those of us with seasonal allergies, by inflaming airways and irritating eyes. But luckily there are some natural remedies for seasonal allergy symptoms that are invaluable in the spring!

1. Anti-Inflammatory Foods

We’ve written plenty of blogs about how great the anti-inflammatory diet is, but somehow there are still more benefits. Anti-inflammatory and high-alkaline foods may help your body fight off infections and reduce reactions to things like allergies. Inflammatory foods include high-fat, sugary foods – like fast food. Anti-inflammatory foods include turmeric, leafy greens, and probiotic-rich foods. Try switching up your diet and see all the wonders that an anti-inflammatory diet can do for you.

2. Organic Saline Spray

Rinsing out your sinuses and nasal passages can help keep them from getting too inflamed. You can rinse them out with a neti pot or use a natural saline spray. Saline is a salt-liquid mixture that matches the salinity of the human body, so it’s safe, natural, and drug-free. Make sure you check what’s in your saline, though! Not all saline sprays are made the same, so it’s best to choose an organic option that’s free from chemicals or synthetic fillers.

3. Local Raw Bee Honey

Though the jury is out on whether this is a scientifically-proven allergy-fighting technique, many people believe that eating raw honey made from bees in your local area could help you build an immunity to your allergies. The bees in your area collect pollen from the local plants that cause your allergies and make it into honey. By eating the raw honey made by bees in your area, the thinking is it may boost your immunity to local allergens.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is said to have a ton of unexpected health benefits. In addition to aiding gut health and relieving heartburn, many people use it to help flush out your sinuses when you feel an allergy attack coming on. Though there aren’t medical studies to support using ACV for allergy relief, it is thought to work the same way an anti-inflammatory diet does: by reducing inflammation. Try drinking a tablespoon mixed into a cup of water. If you don’t love the taste, add a bit of that local bee honey to your drink and it’ll taste delicious!

 5. Genexa® Allergy-D™

There are few natural over-the-counter allergy medicines. But when your seasonal allergies get especially bad, or you suffer from hay fever, you’ll want an over-the-counter medicine to fight your symptoms. But many have nasty side effects or artificial ingredients. If you want a healthy, natural medicine, try Genexa’s Allergy-D or Allergy-D for children.

Good luck this allergy season! Hopefully, with these natural remedies in hand, it won’t be too rough. And for more tips, information, and content, sign up for our email list.


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