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10 Must-Read Tips for Traveling with Kids

Genexa Genexa 2016-11-05 08:00:00 -0700

It’s family vacation time! Woohoo! While an escape with the whole family can provide a ton of fun and great memories, the stress of traveling with kids can sometimes put a damper on that fun. These tips will help ensure your family vacation is stress-free and fun for everyone!

1. Stay calm
You might be thinking, “We’re on vacation, how could we be anything but calm?!” You’d be surprised. Traveling is stressful, and when you have children in tow it can be amplified. If you feel like your anxiety is starting to rise, take a calming medicine like Genexa’s Stress Relief. You can also give your child Genexa’s Calm Keeper to help them stay calm during the flight or trip.

2. Use packing cubes
A suitcase can be a black hole for clothes, especially tiny kids clothes. Save yourself some time and organize with packing cubes. These flexible (and sometimes waterproof) little cubes help you separate items so you’ll always know where to reach when you’re looking for something.

3. Pack plenty of snacks and activities
When hunger or boredom strike, temper tantrums follow. Make sure you’re prepared and bring a variety of healthy snacks with you whenever you leave the house or hotel. When you’re choosing snacks, make sure you include some protein to help the energy from food last longer. Hummus is a super easy (and delicious) protein-packed dip that can be paired with a lot of veggies, crackers, and nuts. You’ll also want to make sure you’re prepared with a lot of activities to keep your child busy and entertained. Coloring books, word puzzles, and other tangible puzzles are great, small options to take on the go. You may also want to invest in some family-friend and portable games you can all play!

4. Choose your seats wisely
Oh, airplane convenient, yet so complicated sometimes! Where you sit matters when you’re traveling with kids. If you’re trying to make a connecting flight, secure seats closer to the front of the plane so you’re able to disembark sooner. You’ll also be close to the front bathroom should your kids need a bathroom break. If you’re not in a big rush to get off the plane, sitting closer to the back may be a better option. You won’t feel rushed to gather all of your things and book it off the plane. Plus, there are two bathrooms in the back and you’re more likely to be able to get an entire row for your family together.

5. Bring an extra change of clothes
Accidents happen, and one of the worst situations is to be stuck somewhere in wet or dirty clothes. Keep extra clothes and some wet wipes handy just in case. You might want to bring a small plastic bag in case you need to seal up soiled clothes until you can throw them in the wash.

6. Bring something familiar from home
No matter how much fun you’re all having on vacation, your children might feel some pangs of homesickness. Bring along a favorite stuffed animal or a pillowcase to remind them of home. This will help ease nerves and any sad feelings so they can get back to enjoying vacation sooner.

7. Don’t skip naps and rest times
Traveling with kids can present nap time challenges, but you’ve worked hard to get your kids on a solid nap schedule. Don’t mess it up on vacation! If you plan ahead, you can squeeze in scheduled nap times pretty easily.  

8. Don’t overindulge
It can be easy to give into every whim on vacation, but binging on unhealthy foods will not help you maximize your time and energy. Kids love sugar, but the sugar crash can lead to headaches and tantrums. It’s ok to indulge in a vacation treat now and then, but try to keep everyone on their normal diet as much as possible.

9. Keep essentials handy
Don’t forget to keep things like sunscreen, lip balm, and some natural first aid supplies on hand. You never know what you’re going to need, and it’s better to have those things with you than to halt your fun to make a pit stop.

10. Make it fun!
The most important part of vacation is to have fun! If you’re prepared and have planned ahead, you’re bound to have more fun, even when you face some obstacles. There will always be unplanned things that happen and things you’ll need to respond to when traveling with kids. These tips can help you minimize those instances and maximize vacation fun!

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